Sonntag, 18. September 2011

Israel ist ganz allein

Jörg Lau in der ZEIT: Nahost-Konflikt: Das einsame Land

Und so sieht es Dr. Phyllis Chessler, ehedem spiritus rector des z.Z. untergetauchten Dr. Clemens Heni,  in Arutz Sheva: Blaming Israel Won´t Help

"Yesterday, I spoke with Mayor Ron Nachman of the mainly secular city of Ariel in the Shomron (Samaria). He agreed with my assessment—an assessment shared by others-- that Israel is essentially on her own. Let me quote him at length.
Israel can’t trust anyone, including America. American policy has been mistaken for six decades. America refused to move its Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. That tells us what we need to know.
Now, the Arab “Palestinians” saw they could not get Israel to agree to commit suicide and so they turned to the United Nations. The solution is really between Israel and Jordan. Jordan is the real ‘Palestinian’ state. And by the way, when Jordan annexed the West Bank and Samaria from 1948-1967, no journalist called it an “occupation.” It is only “occupied” when it is in Jewish hands.”
What is this phrase: The West Bank? The West Bank of the moon? The sun? The West Bank of America? We need to use the right language. Is California the “West Bank” of America? And by the way, would Americans agree to allow Mexicans and Canadians to carve out a corridor from San Diego to Vancouver so that both non-American groups can come and go without American oversight? This is what Israel is being asked to do.
And what is the meaning of the ’67 lines?’ Do people really understand that Israel is only nine miles wide, just as wide as the distance from the south to the north of the borough of Manhattan? Giving up any more land means that Israel is non-defensible.
Words and how they are used and misused continues to create problems.
The Wall.’ What is that? Think of it as a gated community. There are walls all over the world that are never singled out. Only Israel’s security fence is.
 The Arabs simply refuse to accept a Jewish state. A two state solution will not lead to peace. It will lead to more attacks on Israel. They gave Yasser Arafat a Nobel Peace  Prize but he brought bloodshed, not peace. Everyone shouted ‘Land for Peace'. It only led to Arab attacks on Israel again and again.”
“Mayor Nachman,” said I, “Nu, what is your solution to this intractable dilemma?”
Solution? At this rate, we need a five state solution. Jordan is one, Israel is the second, Judea and Samaria are a third, Gaza is a fourth—and the Israeli Arabs want autonomy as well.
My friend and colleague Israeli Arabist, Dr. Mordechai Kedar, believes in a confederation of cantons, with local governmental autonomy on many issues and a federal government for security and other issues, based on Dr. Kedar’s understanding of tribal loyalties and conflicts and the Arab inability to create both large and stable modern nation states.
I ask Mayor Nachman if he believes that Israel can defeat Iran. He says, cryptically:
It is not good to push someone whose back is already against the wall."

Und Netanyahu will den UN die Wahrheit präsentieren:

"He said he will address the General Assembly “and present our truth…– the fact that we are not foreigners in this country [and] that we have rights in this country that go [back] 'only' 4,000 years…." (Quelle)

Die Geheimwaffen der Palästinenser sind

"8. The Palestinians' secret weapon I: Avigdor Lieberman.
Thus far, the foreign minister is the only senior official scheduled to represent Israel in New York during the deliberations next week. A year ago, in his last appearance before the United Nations, Lieberman effectively contradicted the Israeli line that Israel was ready for peace and that the process had been impeded solely by the Palestinians. Neither side was ready for peace, he told the General Assembly, declaring that an agreement was something that could take "a few decades."
9. The Palestinians' secret weapon II: The Settlers.
If any single element is likely to win sympathy for the Palestinian cause, it will be radical settlers, who have vowed to mark the UN resolution with widespread violence. A recent arson attack against a West Bank mosque has sharpened the concerns of both Israeli and PA security authorities.
Any such action may, in turn, restrict the Israeli government's freedom of action in retaliating against a UN move.
10. The Palestinians' secret weapon III: Benjamin Netanyahu.
As the UN deliberations near, the prime minister's statements have grown more defiant. His protestations that Israel's worsening relations with Egypt and Turkey have nothing to do with the Palestinian issue, have ensured that tensions with all three have become increasingly interrelated, both at home and abroad.
"There are those who think that everything would have been different, if we had only given in to the Palestinians," Netanyahu told the cabinet this week.
"Enough with the self-flagellation," he continued. Inverting the liturgy of confession on the imminent Jewish High Holidays, he declared "We have not become guilty, neither have we transgressed."" (Quelle)


Anonym hat gesagt…

Die Advisory Opinion des Internationalen Gerichtshofs zur Mauer finden wir hier:

Wir lesen darin u. a.:

"The Court considers that its conclusion that the construction of the wall by Israel in the Occupied Palestinian Territory is contrary to international law must be placed in a more general context. Since 1947, the year when General Assembly resolution 181 (II) was adopted and the Mandate for Palestine was terminated, there has been a succession of armed conflicts, acts of indiscriminate violence and repressive measures on the former mandated territory. The Court would emphasize that both Israel and Palestine are under an obligation scrupulously to observe the rules of international humanitarian law, one of the paramount purposes of which is to protect civilian life."

Daß die Mauer illegal ist, ist mittlerweile Allgemeinbildung. Interessanter ist m. E. die Formulierung "Israel and Palestine". Der Internationale Gerichtshof spricht 2004 von Palästina. Prima.

Oscar Mercator hat gesagt…

Ich befürchte, dass Israel sich in einer "Wagenburg" gegen eine feindliche Welt einigelt. Ich sehe gegen diese Politik nicht genügend politischen Widerstand in Israel. Ich befürchte, die Mantren "Wir haben einen gottgegebenen Anspruch auf das Gelobte Land" und "Wir sind allein, wir können uns nur auf uns selbst verlassen" sind die fatalen Lehren, die aus der jüdischen Geschichte gezogen werden. Eine selffullfilling prophesy. Jüdisches Recht übersteigt Internationales Recht.